Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Question from Katie - Dissertation ideas

Hi, I've recently had to decide in a dissertation topic for my third year at university. I've come up with two final ideas.

The first is important aristocratic women, how important were they, did they have any influence in politics etc? But I need to find someone to focus on, someone who isn't too generic or obvious. Any ideas?

My other idea is looking at Elizabeth I being the Virgin queen, why didn't she take a husband, when was the term "Virgin Queen" coined, was it a good choice to not choose a husband etc.

Which idea do you think would be more interesting or easier to do in terms of primary sources?

Katie :)


  1. Hi Katie,

    I think the Women's idea is great. Couple thoughts come to mind.

    Margaret Beaufort
    Cecily Neville
    The Paston Wives
    Lettice Knollys
    Jane Parker, Viscountess Rochford

  2. I did my doctoral thesis on Elizabethan women. You can download it from the eTheses site if you like. It could serve as a source for women of the late Tudor court. Anne, countess of Warwick might be a good choice. Lettice Knollys, countess of Essex and Leicester is fascinating. You also might want to look at Helena Snakenborg, Mildred Cecil baroness Burghley or even Mary Sidney countess of Pembroke.

  3. Thank you, I was leaning towards this idea and all these women seem really interesting, I feel spoilt for choice now. I've already researched lettice knollys and lady Rochford, they seem so interesting. Thank you kb, I will definitely check that out!

    Katie :)


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