Saturday, June 02, 2012

Question from Ron - Other jesters of Henry VIII

I am writing in regards to the posts Re: King Henry Viii and his jesters. It was mentioned that there were few, Patch and Will Somers being but two. But is there evidence for more? In researching my family history, I came across a reference for another. In this History of Derbyshire (ca 1715), William Woolley compiling a topographical and genealogical account of his native county, mentioned that one Thomas Thacker, was a jester to good king Henry. Is this history or hyperbole. Certainly Thomas Thacker was a royal servant, mentioned in his inquisition post mortem. He was King Henrys and Thomas Cromwell chief agent in the Dissolution of the monasteries in the Midlands. He was also a Merchant of the Staple as early as 1505. Perhaps significantly, it was through another Staple merchant, that Will Somers came into contact with the monarch. It may have been through this company that Thacker also came into the Kings service. History or Hyperbole, it is certainly interesting. Your thoughts.... regards. Ron Thacker, British Columbia.

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  1. There's a book by John Southworth called Fools and Jesters at the English Court that discusses Henry's various jesters. I'm fairly sure it mentioned several.


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