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Question from Eva Maria - Anne Boleyn and Henry Percy

Hello, all-

I am trying to wrap my mind around the Anne Boleyn/Henry Percy affair and get a general sense of the timing. I realize that certainty will elude me here, but I am hammering out a timeline for a historical novel and I want to make sure I am understanding the parameters correctly and building my plot within a reasonable framework.

If Percy was appointed to the Council of the North in 1522 (at the same time as his father, the 5th Earl?), and named Deputy Warden of the East March in October of that same year, would he not have been at court at that time? It seems he would have been in the north (especially as it was mentioned a few months later that he would be a good candidate to take over as Warden - which insinuates to me that he was up there, learning, doing a good job).

Since Anne made her debut at court in March 1522, there would not have been time for the two to meet and develop their infatuation. Thus, if Percy was in the north for a period from autumn 1522 onward (until - ?), they would have met after and the love affair would have begun then, with Wolsey perhaps breaking them up later in 1523. It would be useful to be able to count backward from the Percy-Talbot wedding, but alas, we are unsure of that date as well.

Would much appreciate any input on the appointment and whether it would have taken Percy from court, and also any impressions or theories anyone might have regarding the timing of the whole affair. So many thanks!

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  1. Hmmmm..... It was not necessary to be at court to receive an office. It was not necessary to be in 'the north' while serving on the Council of the North. It was not necessary to be in the 'Marches' to serve as deputy warden. Geographic presence could be circumvented by having representatives either at court or handling the day to day affairs of a remote office.

    Being a good candidate for a promotion, from deputy warden to warden, does not necessarily mean that you have on-the-job training. Being a good candidate for an office may be as simple as being the most exalted person available for the job.

    Once in the north, it does not mean Percy did not travel back and forth. If he was a hands-on office holder he might still be making trips back and forth to London for supplies, mounts, money, and to see to his interests.


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