Tuesday, February 14, 2012

Question from Monica - A Narrative of the Pursuit of English Refugees in Germany Under Queen Mary

Anyone know where I can find online the transcript of "A Narrative of the Pursuit of English Refugees in Germany Under Queen Mary" by John Bret?


  1. It looks like this was published by The Royal Historical Society. If that is correct, then I'm not sure it is online. The Transactions of the Royal Historical Society are notoriously luddite in nature. Hopefully someone else has better news than this.

  2. Although, now I see it has a DOI number on the Cambridge Journals site. DOI:10.2307/3678217 It also may be in Latin.

  3. If you go to the Wikipedia entry on the text, "A Narrative of the Pursuit of the English Refugees," etc., the brief entry contains a link to with the document in an 1896 translation. I strongly recommend you use the site's format control to choose "Read Online" (otherwise it's tiny-fonted gibberish in the format the screen first opens to), then search for the word "narrative" - Bret's work is about the middle of the full document, and heavily footnoted, so you have to read a bit carefully at first.

  4. Correction: The Latin preamble (apparently by a clerk) is not translated, and the Narrative itself is rendered in what appears to be the original English.

  5. Foose - Can you provide the link? I'm having a hard time finding it. is returning zero results for the title or key words in a search and the Wikipedia links seem to be sending me to more Wikipedia articles.

  6. This will be wugly, but here goes:

    Wikipedia article at:

    Look at the "External Links" section. The transcript there is linked to a longer URL that has unformatted HTML gibberish. Here is a better URL:

    (Note that I've put in paragraph breaks to make the URLs fit the comment box, so be sure to take them out when you paste them into the browser.)

    The document is the Transactions of the Royal History Society of 1897, Vol. XI. Again, use the "View the book" tool in the right-hand margin to get the comfortable "Read Online" version. The Narrative is listed in the Table of Contents, or you can use the Search function with "Narrative" to get to it immediately. And then enjoy. The "Duches of Suffoulke" plays rough!

  7. Foose - Thanks so much! that worked. It never occurred to me to click on the [1] in the external links in the wiki article.


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