Saturday, May 28, 2011

Question from Hannah - Book recommendations for daily Tudor life

Hi, I was hoping for book reccomendations. I want to learn more about the way of life during tudor times, I have been reading a lot about the Tutor times so I don't want any biographies or anything. I want to know about the various titles and what they mean, different roles of people in tutor courts, meals, educations ect. Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated.


  1. I liked the books by Alison Sim

  2. Life in a Tudor Palace

  3. Also pretty good is Elizabeth's London by Liza Picard.
    Regards Greg

  4. I liked Life in a Tudor Palace, although it's a very little book, Sim's are much more detailed. It depends how much detail you want.

  5. The Young Royals series by Carolyn Meyer is more for teens, but it still gives a lot of helpful information about life in the Tudor Court. The first four books in the series are placed in Tudor England. You can buy these books on Amazon:
    Mary Bloody Mary
    Beware Princess Elizabeth
    Doomed Queen Anne
    Patience Princess Catherine

  6. Once again I have to recommend my hero and favorite author, Patricia Finney, author of Firedrake's Eye and Unicorn's Blood. She also wrote the Robert Carey Mysteries under the nym P F Chisholm. All of them give the reader a fabulous "YOU ARE THERE" experience in reading them.

  7. I strongly suggest "life in Elizabethan England: A Compendium" available at:

  8. There is also a fantastic almost picture book called "Daily Life in Holland in the Year 1566." Is it more Elizabethan that Tudor? Yes. Is it Holland and not England? Yes. But it focuses on the working class and you'll find that peasant life was much the same during the two periods. The book details everything from meals, to clothing, working/living conditions, etc. It's a great resource and a beautiful book as well.


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