Wednesday, April 06, 2011

Question from Guy - English friends of Anne of Cleves

Which English women did Anne of Cleves become friends with?


  1. Anne of Cleves was actually friends with Catherine Howard before Catherine became Henry VIII's newest lover.

  2. Hello Anonymous

    I am trying to fill a few gaps in my research on Katheryn Howard's family at Lambeth & also on her brief time at Court before she became queen. She was one of the Anne's ladies-in-waiting but I have not read that they were actually friendly. Would really appreciate your source for this.

    Thank you.

    Marilyn R

  3. Catherine was her maid of honour--she served her as queen. They may have been friendly but Anne did not speak much English in the beginning. So a real friendship would have to overcome the barriers of language and rank.

  4. I have no hard evidence but it is possible that Katherine Carey Knollys was friendly with Anne of Cleves. Katherine served in Anne's household as a maid and then lady-in-waiting. During Mary's reign the Katherine, her husband and several of their children went into exile in Germany. Just a thought....


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