Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Question from Eliza - Henry VIII searching for fourth wife after Jane's death

I have read that Henry VIII started searching for a fourth wife the day after Jane Seymour's death. Is this true? If not, how long did he wait?

I also read that Henry let Jane bleed to death because he had a fourth wife in mind. Could this be true?


  1. I think it would be helpful to know where you read this. I find it highly doubtful that Henry 'let Jane bleed to death'. Tudor medical practices aside, Jane finally gave Henry what he wanted - a son. If she had lived, I am sure he would have wanted more sons from her.

    Now, is it possible Henry's ministers started looking for a new wife right away? Yes.

  2. 'It was said that the mother had to
    be sacrificed for the child. I do not affirm this to be true,
    only that it was rumoured.' (Spanish Chronicle)


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