Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Question from Hilary - Henry VIII, Anne Boleyn and Westminster Abbey

Where were Anne Boleyn and Henry VIII married? I know they took their initial vows in secret, but surely there was also some sort of public event afterwards? If so, where did that occur?

Also, was Anne coronated inside Westminster Abbey? It always seems that when reading about her coronation, only the procession through the town is discussed.

On what other occasions would have Henry VIII and/or Anne Boleyn gone into Westminster Abbey?

Thank you!

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  1. Anne married Henry on January 25th 1533 in a secret ceremony at Whitehall Palace, formerly York Place, one of Cardinal Wolsey's residences. David Starkey covers this in his 'Six Wives' but details are sparse because technically Henry was committing bigamy and all was kept very low-key.

    There does not appear to have been any official celebration, which is probably why Anne's coronation was such a lavish affair - to make up for a dismal wedding. She was crowned (not 'coronated')in Westminster Abbey on June 1st and is the only consort, before or since, to have been crowned with the St Edward crown, which is reserved for the actual monarch.

    I can't help with other occasions when they were in the Abbey together - it's a good question, though.


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