Wednesday, November 03, 2010

Question from Audrey - Margaret Plantagenet and Margaret Tylle

Are Margaret Plantagenet and Margaret Tylle the same person,if notwhy is she listed as a child if Elizabeth of York and Henry 7th-


  1. Where are you finding this information? The only daughter of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York named Margaret was Margaret Tudor, who married James IV of Scotland.

  2. Could tylle be a misreading of the medieval French fylle? Meaning "daughter"? Sometimes when texts are posted in Google Books one letter of the alphabet can come out looking like another one.

  3. Yes I find this Weird myself i am seeing that Margaret Tylle is the daughter of Henry VII and Elizabeth of York but how could they be connected ?

  4. I have the same question. Is Margaret Tille a hoax or is she related to Henry VII either through the Plantagenet or Tudor lines? Is Margaret Tille really Margaret Tudor or is this all some kind of Internet myth? I've read quite a lot of English history, am aware of the War of the Roses, Elizabeth Wydeville, et. al., but never heard of the Tille's. I'm beginning to think someone may have put one over on geneaology websites. Everyone will find they are related to Henry VIII through Margaret Tille.
    A Kizer


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