Wednesday, August 18, 2010

Question from Lewis - Rutland Papers

I see you can buy the Rutland Papers cheaply, but I can't find any information on what they contain and how useful they are. Can anybody help?


  1. Some of the volumes are available through Google Books. Try googling for them and peruse the contents. You may find everything you want for free as opposed to even a cheap purchase.

  2. They are also available through the internet archive for free.

  3. Thanks. Are they reliable? Are they duplicated in other collections such as L&P?

  4. The Rutland papers are as reliable as any other printed calendared source. Some items may also be reproduced elsewhere. As the volumes contain papers dated through the 18th century, cross publication exceeds the chronology of the L&P. I cited the Rutland Papers in my dissertation which covered the Elizabethan period.


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