Monday, January 04, 2010

Question from SarahAnne - Further reading suggestions

I read a lot about The Tudors, but I'm not sure how to find the best and most accurate books to read and the most credited historians/authors.

I have read a lot by Alison Weir and Eric Ives lately and like them.

However what other authors should I look into? I am interested in it all, whether it is a biography or an historical document from the period! For example, has there ever been a book published on Chapuys writings? I would really appreciate any help that would further my "quality" of future Tudor learning! Thank you!

[Some previous similar threads are linked below. This is a topic that never hurts to have come up again and again since there are always so many new Tudor books coming out! - Lara]


And some fiction recommendations:


  1. david starkey is my favorite he is very descriptive with his own little twist

  2. Have you ever read "Jane Boleyn" by Julia Fox? That's very good, though it isn't really about Jane Boleyn, more about the Boleyns and Tudor life in general. Also, Antonia Fraser is quite good too, I have one book of hers called "The Six Wives of Henry VIII" which tells the tale of all six wives. I love David Starkey too, his book on Henry as a young prince is especially good.

  3. If Lara doesn't mind, I have a site devoted to Tudor Literature, both fiction and non-fiction here ( OR I have tried to post as many Tudor books as possible here. Perusing them you might find some things you like. I have them by subject (Henry, his wives, etc.).

    I love books about the Tudors and really suggest Weir and Ives, as well as Starkey. You might also want to check out David Loades. Another book I have recently run across that I really enjoyed was The Mistresses of Henry VIII by Kelly Hart. Happy reading!


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