Saturday, January 09, 2010

Question from Nikki - Henry VIII's greatest successes

what were king henry the eighth's three greatest successes?


  1. Nikki - could you perhaps elaborate on the kind of "successes" you're looking for? Is this part of an assignment perhaps?

  2. Henry VIII's three successors were :

    (In order)

    1. Edward VI ( Henry VIII's son with 3rd wife Queen Jane Seymour

    2. Mary I (Henry VIII's daughter with his 1st wife Queen Katherine of Aragon)

    3. Elizabeth 1 (Henry VIII's daughter with his 2nd wife Anne Boleyn

  3. Luv, the question was about "successes" not "successors", although the fact that he left successors might be considered a success. (I'm sure leaving a male successor would be something Henry himself would consider a great success!)

  4. It depends what kind of success you mean. For example, do you mean military successes or building successes (ie his many palaces) or something else entirely?


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