Monday, January 25, 2010

Question from Melissa - Statue of Anne at Blickling Hall

Hi. I was just reading Agnes Strickland's book on the queens of England, and when she talks about Anne Boleyn, she mentions a statue of her at Blickling Hall. Does anyone know if this statue is still extant? None of Anne's other biographers mention it, which leads me to believe it either turned out to be a fake, or, more likely, has since been destroyed or lost. Any info? Thanks.


  1. Hi Melissa
    I have Just done a quick google image check and although there are lots of pictures none seem to show a statue. it doesn't mean that you might not find one but it will take you time to do through the site also try flicker over the last few months I have found lots of new pictures this way
    happy hunting

  2. There is a picture of the statue in the book on Anne by Norah Lofts. It is bronze and she is standing and has a fancy plumed hat on her head.

  3. yeasHi Melissa,

    It is also mentioned in the Blickling Hall wiki site ( and I found this image on a Blicking photostream, appearing to be the statue

  4. The statue is based on an imaginary likeness of Anne by Hogarth.

    If you type in the words: Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII, Hogarth together at, you will come across it.

  5. Sorry to go off the original question topic, but Roland, if you see this - do you have a new address for your Anne Boleyn stuff that used to be at Geocities? I have been trying to replace links to things that used to be there that went away when they closed it down.

  6. Thanks guys! Very helpful.

  7. Yes, the statue does exist, with the inscription, "Anna Bolena, Hic Nata 1507." Fostering Blickling's claim that she was born there in the summer of 1507.


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