Friday, October 23, 2009

Question from joycem - Monuments to and writings of Jane Grey

Have any statues, or monuments etc ever been erected to commemorate Lady Jane Gray ? afeter all she did pretty much die a mayter to the Protestant faith. I also lived for a while in Leicester and apart from visting the remains of Bradgate Hall in Bradgate park I dont recall seeing anything their either. Also why is she not commemorated as a Queen at the Tower displays? one of the Beefeaters told me it is because she was never officially crowned , but Catherine Howard wasnt either and she is refered to as a Queen there.
I think Jane gray never received the recognition she deserved.
Also raed somewhere , dont know if fact or fiction that after Janes execution Frances Brandon took some of Janes writings and they were published what happened to those? if they existed


  1. Dear Joyce, Jane's last letter to her sister and a letter to a former tutor, were published twice in the year of her death, and it is certainly likely that her mother was involved. They were also published later by John Foxe, and you can find his books online, published by the John Foxe project, otherwise I quote sections of them in my biography, The Sisters Who Would be Queen; Mary, Katherine & Lady Jane Grey, best wishes, Leanda


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