Sunday, July 05, 2009

Question from Marilyn R. - Questions for Gunn lecture on Charles Brandon

I'm meeting up with Kathy for the Steven Gunn lecture on Charles Brandon at Gainsborough Old Hall on Friday. My own interest is in the earlier Brandons rather than Charles, so if anyone has a question for Dr. Gunn I'd be glad to ask it on your behalf.


  1. Thank you for offering to ask!

    I'm a little late, but I have a couple of questions! :-)

    I'm interested to know how many children William Brandon and Elizabeth Bruyn actually had and what their names and approximate birthyears were? There is conflicting information about Charles Brandon's siblings on the internet, some pages can't even agree on the names and I have no access to pimary sources to see for myself.

    And I'm also interested about Charles Brandon's year of birth. How did most historians come to the conclusion he was born in 1483/84 if there is no birth record for him?

    Thank you and have fun tommorrow at the lecture! Hope you get a chance to talk to Dr. Gunn!

  2. Hi Feuerrabe
    I thought the Steven Gunn lecture was excellent, both for content and style of delivery.

    I asked your questions but he could not recall the details of the siblings and told me to contact him. I will do that as I have a question about William Brandon the grandfather as well, so will reply to this posting when I find out more about the Brandon siblings for you – it might take some time.

    His book on Brandon is out of print but I see there is one on AbeBooks for £38 just now.


  3. Have contacted Dr Gunn - see Kathy's post over on the News Blog. Will let you know what he says.


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