Monday, July 06, 2009

Question from Katie - Anne's coat of arms

I'm curious about the origin's of Anne Boleyn's coat of arms. I understand that this comprised of a falcon wearing a crown on a blue background, is this correct? Is it known whether she chose/designed this herself or was it perhaps inherited?
I also understand that she herself chose her motto "The most happy", again any confirmation/comments on this would be greatfully received.


  1. Try looking at :

    Given that it draws upon an actual drawing of her device created by the College of Arms, I assume it is trustworthy.

    Arms are usually designed by the appropriate Herald of the College of Arms working in consultation with the future bearer of those arms. It was a very serious undertaking in the 16th century, so Anne may have offered input but she probably was not the designer of her arms.

    Mottos were usually chosen by the bearer of the arms, not by someone else.

  2. I once saw a picture of a golden cup that Anne gave Henry as a New Year's gift, and on the top there was a little golden falcon pecking a pomegranate. I take it that the falcon symbolises Anne and the pomegranate symbolises Katharine, right?

  3. Yes indeed.You are correct.Anne Boleyns emblem was the white falcon with wings inverted perched on a treee stump surrounded by Tudor roses and Catherine of Aragons emblem was the pommergranate.I have seen this before where Annes falcon is pecking at a pommergranate in spite.This is to say that(I) meaning Anne has won and has defeated you(meaning Catherine of Aragon)I am now the queen.

    I too have seen and heard of the golden cup you are refering to.The cup is reffered to as the Boleyn cup.The cup was redisigned in the reign of Queen Elizabeth I.


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