Sunday, July 12, 2009

Question from Haven - English control of Calais

When did England gain and lose Calais? And is it still around now, or does it go by a different name now?


  1. It was still called Calais when I was there on a wine-run last week...

    Much as though I am loath to Wiki:

    Google provided 3,470,000 hits for the search terms 'history' 'Calais' and 'France'.

    There is also a rather nice aerial view of it on google maps:

  2. I also have a short history of it on this website (the main part, not the Q&A blog):

  3. Another question: Why didn't Elizabeth try and take back Calais?

  4. Haven -

    The short answer is that she didn't feel like picking a war with the French. She wasn't ready when she came to the throne and later, the point became moot.

  5. Does anyone know what became of the English settlers in Calais after it was taken back by the French?
    I suppose most of them came home but it would be interesting to know if there are any French people there now with English surnames

  6. Calais is still up and running, and is one of the major ferry ports in France.


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