Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Question from Stephanie - Infant buried with Henry VIII

I always thought the infant son of Queen Anne buried with Henry VIII was that of Anne Boleyn, not Anne Stuart. Which is it? And if it is Anne Stuart- Why buried with Henry?


  1. The black marble marker over the burial site identifies the infant as a child of Anne Stuart (d. 1714). Charles I is likewise buried in the same vault. Charles I was the great-grandfather of Anne's infant, so there was a family connection.

  2. Why is Henry buried with charles I?

  3. Since Charles I died exactly 102 years and 2 days after Henry VIII, the real question to ask is why Charles was buried with Henry (and with Jane Seymour).

    Charles was executed on 30 January 1649, after having been deposed as King of England, Ireland, and Scotland. It was the first time in English history that a monarch had been publicly and judicially executed. The symbolism of the monarch as God's anointed was still so powerful that Oliver Cromwell and his colleagues were respectful to Charles' remains, to the extent that they reportedly had the head sewn back on to the body.

    Windsor was chosen as the burial place probably because it was and had for five years been used by Cromwell as a prison for captured Royalists. Charles himself was held prisoner there until his trial began in London. There was a large Parliamentarian garrison at Windsor, which would enable Cromwell to secure the grave from those who might want to steal the king's remains in an effort to promote sainthood. Charles was reportedly buried in relative secrecy, but of course the location did not remain secret for long.

  4. thank you so much, I had tried to look that up but wasn't having much luck but I knew where to turn!!!

  5. Yes, but the question still remains, "Why was King Charles I buried WITH King Henry VIII and Jane Seymour?" Why not in one of the many other places to be buried at the same site? This is the question that baffles me. Does anyone know the reason behind why this decision was made, and by whom? They weren't of close relation, and as far as I know, there is no mention of whether this is where Charles himself desired to be placed at rest. So, I must know, how did this decision to be buried with King Henry VIII and his 3rd wife come to pass?

  6. suitablepoemms@yahoo.caMarch 26, 2015 2:52 PM

    probably because of the times..HE was taken to /Windsor for burial, but the stipulation was "no ceremony" so they opened the vaults and possibly buried Him with Henry VIIIth to somewhat hide the whereabouts of Charles coffin.

  7. Thank you for asking the question about why Charles 1 was buried with Henry V111
    and also for asking about the child. I was also wondering why this burial arrangement came about. Excellent answers thank you.


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