Sunday, May 31, 2009

Question from David - Tunnel between Hampton Court and Nonsuch Palaces

I believe there is a tunnel between Hampton court place and Nonsuch Palace (now demolished).
Can you confirm this and point to any sources of info please?


  1. I couldn't find any references to a tunnel in Thurley's "The Royal Palaces of Tudor England". He did, however, discuss that Nonsuch was a "satellite" palace of Hampton Court, meaning that the whole court would be at Hampton Court, but Henry and some of his closer companions could use Nonsuch as a smaller retreat, but still have the whole court close by. Perhaps someone misinterpreted this to mean that the two palaces were physically connected?

    If there is a detailed discussion somewhere of the 1959 excavations of Nonsuch, there would probably be a note there if such a tunnel existed. Considering the two palaces are 5-10 miles apart with a river in between, I think it is unlikely there was a tunnel, but I guess it's not impossible.

  2. i am absoulutly sure their was a tunnel i worked with the garden superindent in 1976-1977 and he told me that whilst working their one day he was watching a tractor working up and down the field he looked away a minute and when he looked back it had disappeared into what was atunnel to hampton court i also did wonder about the river being in the way anyway you probably wont believe the next bit of this story i now live in aldwick west sussex and was having a pint in the not that many years ago and two old boys were talking at the bar about yes the tunnel linking nonsuch palace with hampton court so i would pretty much say for sure it did or still does exist in part william saundrs had been about a bit and he wasnt one for making things up if you see this dont be frightened to give me a ring 01243867689

  3. I heard that there were tunnels from Nonsuch to Hampton Court and that they were filled in as recently as 20 years ago. It was said that Henry used to smuggle hi mistresses through the tunnels. How true I don't know save for the part about the tunnel being filled in about 20 year ago.

  4. There is also a tunnel under oatlands park hotel weybridge surgery which used to be oatlands palace belonging to Henry Tudors. If you went into the old basement there is a door which behind it is a locked iron gate you can clearly see the start of the tunnel but it's overgrown now. A small plaque on the wall in the dining room tells you about the tunnel which connected to Hampton court palace. Im sure there were lots of secret tunnels

  5. Does anyone know where the old basement (where the tunnel(s) are) is in The Oatlands Park Hotel?

  6. I had read a book which said there was a tunnel between Hampton Court and Hanworth Park House. I had done a couple if shifts at Hanworth Park House when it was an elderly peoples residential home and I was shown in the basement the door that the tunnel was believed to be behind.


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