Tuesday, May 12, 2009

Question from Anon - Anne Luke

Does anyone know anything about Anne Luke, Henry VIII's nurse?


  1. John de launcelyn was the father of king henry VIII's nurse Anne Luke.John died in 1435.anne Luke married walter luke.The surname luke was her married name and not her maiden.Walter luke was a member of the king's bench.He lived in woodend/launcelyns manor until he died in 1544.Anne and walter luke had a child named Nicholas.Nicholas inherited the manor and land on his father walter's death.Then Nicholas owned the house until he died and his son John luke inherited the property.
    This is all I could find on Anne Luke nurse to king Henry VIII.
    if i find any more information I will let you know.

  2. Thanks for this. Is there anything about the relation Anne Luke/Henry VIII?

  3. I think that is true I have researched it.

  4. Are you sure the date 1435 for the death of Anne Luke's father is right? Henry VIII was born in 1491 so if she was Henry VIII's wet nurse and her husband died in 1544 her father could not have died in 1435.

  5. I believe Sir John Launcelyn died in 1460, not 1435. Lady Ann Launcelyn is recorded as King Henry VIII's wet nurse under the name of her first marriage, that being Oxenbridge having been married to William Oxenbridge (exact date of marriage not known) before marrying Sir Walter Luke(Lucke)

    In 1492 she is listed as being at the royal household at Eltham, the nursery for King Henry VII and is shown as wet nurse to Henry VIII.

  6. Further to my last post, Lady Ann Launcelyn is my 13th Great Grandmother!

  7. That’s cool, Lady Ann is also my 13th or 14th great grandmother. I will have to look it up.
    Best Regards


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