Monday, April 06, 2009

Question from Stephanie- What was Henry VIII doing on Anne's execution day

Hi Everybody! Does anyone know of any historical records of what happened at Court or what Henry was actually doing the day Anne Boleyn was executed? I know he never said anything "On the record" about Anne but I'm just curious to know what he was up to that day, and what transpired at court? (Her execution date was May 19 1536 if anyone needs it!)

Also, looking through more records or accounts:

I'm sure this question is up for speculation, but, does anyone know the last time Henry and Anne saw each other? Did they say goodbye? It's unlikely, but I wonder about their last encounter. Thanks!!


  1. My understanding is that Henry last looked at Anne during the May Festivities Jousting Tournament. I feel he knew it was his last look, but Anne herself didn't have a clue.

    As to what Henry was doing on Axe Day, I've most often read that he was out hunting. Thus, he was out of London.

  2. I have also read that he was out hunting, and that a special messenger came riding out to inform him when the deed was done. In some fiction it is said he then road like a bat out of hell to be with his beloved Jane, but I am not sure if that is anywhere near to the truth. My guess is that Henry did anything he could to not think about what he was doing....even though he justified it with the "evidence" that his cronies dug up for him.

  3. On the day of Annes execution Henry was playing tennis and he also wore white on the day of Anne Boleyn's execution.Henry may have gone hunting on that day.After all it can only have been one or the other.After the execution the king rode to sudeley manor to greet Jane seymour.I think this is true that he last saw Anne at a jousting tournament.Apparently Henry Norris was jousting an opponent on that day and she was holding a kercheif and dropped it and Norris picked it up for her.Henry on noticing this got up and walked away.After all Norris was one of the gentlemen convicted with her and sent to the tower and executed.

  4. Henry last saw AB during the May Day jousts, 1 May 1536. On AB's execution day, he apparently went hunting and /or went to see JS.(Eric Ives)


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