Friday, April 17, 2009

Question from Liz - What if Mary Tudor hadn't signed the Oath

If Mary hadn't signed the oath, do you think her father would have had her exucuted?

I've heard various stories from different historians. A documentary by David Starkey claimed that he threatened her friends, but not Mary herself. Another book I read said that he did in fact threaten her life. Or do think she would have been punished in some other way if she didn't submit? He was her father, I guess he could have had her whipped or something.

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  1. If Princess Mary refuse to sign the oath, Henry VIII would have charge her with treason, but I do not think he would have had her killed. (..although he might have had her sent to the tower to scare her. ) Henry VIII would not have had Mary killed, because he was already at odd with the Pope, His people, Francis 1, and The Holy Roman Emperor,Charles V. Henry VIII knew that if he had Mary beheaded, that it would have prompt Charles V to go to war with him (something that he was willing to do when Queen Katherine was alive, But the good Queen wouldn't let him ). It would have force the Pope to issue the excommunication, and it would have cause a rebellion . Plus, it would not have been good for Henry VIII's soul. While I think Henry VIII was crazy, he wasn't that crazy. If he had Mary killed he would have lost almost everything, and he knew that. Elizabeth was consider illegitimate by all the countries outside of Europe , Anne couldn't give him a male heir to validate his action, and he was worry about his kingdom falling into the hands of the white roses again. Mary was truly his only legitimate heir. (until Edward was born) Plus, according to some historian, Henry VIII was very fond of his first born, and was upset at the thought of having to send her to the scaffold. Would Henry VIII had sent her? no one would ever truly know. However, Charles V didn't think he would.


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