Sunday, March 22, 2009

Question from Tracey - John Guy's books on Thomas More

While searching for John Guy's new biography "A Daughter's Love" which looks on Sir Thomas More and his daughter, Margaret, it was found that Mr Guy wrote a full bio of More a few years ago.

My this latest work just a re-write, of sorts, with the focus now shifted towards the direction of Meg Roper?

In other words...should the earlier biography be purchased instead of his newest look at Sir Thomas?

Thanks! Tracey


  1. I have not seen Guy's new book on More's daughter Margaret, but I have read his biography of Sir Thomas More. In light of Guy's reputation as a scholar and increased interest in recent years in the women of the Tudor period, I suspect A Daughter's Love is not a "re-write" of the book on More, though obviously a lot of material will be similar. Margaret was a fascinating person in her own right and an unusually well-documented one (for a pre-modern woman), so if she is your main interest, I say buy A Daughter's Love.

  2. Thank you for the feedback.

    My principal interest is Meg so this books sounds perfect. A used copy has been found and it'll soon be winging its way north.


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