Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Question from Stephanie - Gifts exchanged between Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn

Is there any list of gifts or items that Henry and Anne gave to each other during their relationship? I know about the clock, but I am curious to know if anything (or any record) still exists? Thanks in advance!!!


  1. During Henry's long courtship of Anne Boleyn Henry gave anne a bracelet enamoured with his picture on.This was during the time Henry was writing Anne love letters and it states so in one of his letters to her.He goes on to say that he has felt lonely since their departing and because they cannot be together he sends her the closest thing to remind her of him.During the time they were married in 1532 he gave her a gift of a clock a small carriage clock in gold.
    This is all I know of.If I find out anything else I'll let you know.

  2. Also during Henry's courtship with Anne Boleyn in three years he spent £165.000 pounds on gifts for Anne Boleyn.But theese gifts apart from the two I mentioned earlier must have gone unrecorded.If they were recorded then the records must be lost.

  3. You can download:

    'The privy purse expences of King Henry the Eighth' By Nicholas Harris Nicolas

    from 'google books' (at Henry's gifts to Anne are listed there along with the costs I believe.

  4. In the book 'Elizabeth The Exhibition at the National Maritime Museum page 11-12 a Gold and Enamel Pendant c 1520.

    According to family tradition, on the morning of her execution in The Tower of London Anne Boleyn gave this pendent to Captain Gwyn, officer of the guard, saying that it was the first token the king had given her and then asking him to observe 'that a serpent formed part of the device and a serpent the giver had proved to her'.

    The pistol shaped case can be used as a whistle, and contains a set of tooth and ear picks, and other devises.

  5. Didn't Anne give Henry a fountain with water flowing from women's nipples as a sign of fertility?


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