Sunday, March 29, 2009

Question from jankapac - English in Tudor times

for my bachelor theses I´ve got to write about use of english language in Tudor times.HOw it was at schools, in the offices,.. and also how did the language change since then. I come from slovakia and here I can´t find any books at all. Could you recomend me some literature please which I could order from abroad,please. thanks

[Ed. note - This came as a comment to another post, but it really should be its own separate thread]

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  1. From what I understand, there were really no rules back in Tudor times about spelling and grammar. The people back then spelled words how they sounded to them, and would often spell the same word differently - even within the same document. Some, like Ann Boleyn - even spelled thier own names differently from one document to the next. It would have driven me crazy! I'm sure that the others here know a lot more about how children were educated in regard to spelling and writing.


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