Friday, January 30, 2009

Question from Elizabeth M. - England's Forgotten Queens series

Does anyone know about the Tempus publishers series of England's Forgotten Queens? I have two books in the series--one on Elizabeth Wydeville and the other on Anne Neville. I think there was supposed to be one on Mathilda forthcoming. Does anyone know if there are any other titles coming out in the near future?

[Ed. note - I've corresponded with someone at Tempus, so I'll see what I can find out. I thought I would go ahead and post in case anyone was interested or had a quicker answer for Elizabeth.]


  1. Tempus is publishing another book, Eleanor the Secret Queen, about Eleanor Talbot Butler, the rumored wife of Edward IV before he got involved with Elizabeth Woodville. I think this might be part of the Forgotten Queens series, although I think Eleanor's being "queen" is open to question. I'm very interested in how the author extracted 256 pages from the little that is known about this woman.

  2. Most likely in the same fashion that authors have come up with the history of Katherine Swinford and Jane Boleyn. Put in what little is known, and then pad the story with general details about a woman's life in that period and social class.

    I'd think the best bet would be to read a bio of Edward IV. Eleanor would definitely be involved somewhere in the text, and most likely her story would be told 'in full', without the extra stuffing.


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