Tuesday, January 13, 2009

Question from Diane - Memorials to Catherine or Mary in Spain

Are there any memorials to Catherine of Aragon and/or Mary I in Spain?


  1. Idly Googling in Spanish, I came across two items:

    -In Madrid, there is a street called Calle Maria Tudor

    -In Alcala de Henares, where she was born, a statue to Catherine of Aragon was dedicated in 2007 - it firmly describes her as "Reina de Inglaterra" (no Princess Dowager nonsense)

  2. I am ashamed to say that while in Spain a few years ago I was too lazy, too tired really, to take the 15 minute walk from the hotel to the palace in Alcala where Catherine was born. I did, however, queue for hours to get into the Prado in Madrid to see the Antonis Mor betrothal portrait of Mary Tudor. Sadly, we queued so long and there was so much to take in, that we didn't get to see her before we had to leave.
    However, the painting was featured in the National Gallery's "Renaissance Faces" exhibition last autumn and is truly wonderful! The expression on Mary's face really touched my heart and I was drawn back to her several times; the textures, the size of the painting and the detail make it all so lifelike.

    If you are going to Madrid it would be worth a trip to the Prado, and remember that King Philip's Escorial monastery/palace a few miles away is a must-see as well.

  3. Going back to Mary Ann's question about Catherine's tomb - I believe that Alcala de Henares is twinned with Peterborough and they exchange cultural visits, etc.

  4. With all the new books seeking to rehabilitate Mary Tudor's reputation and also the talk about disestablishing the Anglican Church, maybe they might set up a monument or name a street after her in England. Aside from her tomb, I don't think there's anything that memorializes her in her own country...?

  5. Here is the statue of Katherine in Alcalá de Henares:

  6. Foose, all I can think of are the wooden head from Mary's funeral effigy, exhibited in Westminster Abbey's Museum, and across the road, at the Houses of Parliament, the 19th century statue of her in the House of Lords.


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