Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Question from Elizabeth M. - Biography of Elizabeth of York

Has there ever been a decent biography written of Elizabeth of York? Tempus Publishing has an England's Forgotten Queens series edited by Alison Weir, and so far they have had Elizabeth Wydeville and Anne Neville and plans for Matilda. Does anyone who might be next in the series?


  1. There was a bio of Elizabeth of York by Nancy Lenz Harvey a couple of decades ago. Like so many of these books though, I own it but I haven't read it, so I can't comment on it. So many books, so little free time...

  2. More recently, there is a collective biographical study of the various queens of the 15th century that includes Elizabeth of York and her mother, Elizabeth Woodville (Wydville). See Joanna Laynesmith, "The Last Medieval Queens: English Queenship 1445-1503" (Oxford University Press, 2004).

  3. Perhaps we can all write in and make recommendations ...? I'd like to see a biography of Anne of Cleves, written by a German. It might offer some new perspectives and a rational alternative to the usual picture of her as a cabbage-eating clodhopper from the back of beyond. Currently, German Amazon offers no options, alas. Also, I'd welcome biographies of:

    -Joan of Navarre (also a victim of the witchcraft slander)
    -Anne of Bohemia (mother reputed to bend iron bars with her bare hands)
    -Philippa of Hainault (as Regent of England, possibly a role model for Catherine of Aragon)

    Perhaps others have other suggestions...?

  4. Ooooo, Katherine of Valois, who got together with her Master of The Wardrobe, Owen Tudor....



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