Sunday, January 20, 2008

Question from Chad - Elizabeth of York's relatives

Whatever happened to the relatives of Henry VIII'S mother, Elizabeth of York? I know her brothers were the ill fated Princes in the tower, but what of the other family?

ed. note - This question was basically covered in the question about the remaining children of Elizabeth Woodville, who of course, was Elizabeth of York's mother, so we're basically talking about the same people. You can see that post and answers here:

If anyone has anyone else to add, feel free to post it to this or the other thread.

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  1. There's also Elizabeth of York's half-brother Arthur Plantagenet (you'd think Edward IV, with his popularity with the ladies, would have had more illegitimate children) who joined her houshold in 1501. He became Lord Lisle and stepfather of John Dudley, later Duke of Northumberland by his first marriage, and stepfather to Anne Basset (who caught Henry VIII's eye) by his second marriage. He was in favor for much of Henry VIII's reign, then he got into trouble while governing Calais and was imprisoned in the Tower for treason. I don't think he was actually brought to trial, but he apparently collapse and died while still imprisoned, in 1542.


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