Wednesday, November 28, 2007

Question from Monica -Online versions of "Letters and Papers", etc.

I love looking at the original sources for Henry VIII's reign, but hate having to go to the library each time. Is there a digital version of these, volumes such as Letters and Papers of the Reign of Henry VIII? I'd love to have these on disc so I could just read through, or find them on the internet. Or is there anywhere you can buy the set, affordably?


  1. The Internet Archive has a lot of good things, including some the "Letters and Papers" for Henry VIII.
    They are scanned and downloadable as PDFs, text and a few other formats:

    Be sure to look around at the other things they have. Google books has some of
    the "Calendars" and "Letters and Papers" as well. I can waste hours looking through those sites and documents!

    Some other (less free!) options: is a company that has a lot of primary resources on CD, but they go for about
    $100 (US) a pop, and that might just be for one or two volumes. has a relatively inexpensive subscription for online
    documents and some free content.

    The University of Hull State Papers Project has some free online content, but they are
    focusing on Elizabeth I.

  2. Thanks, Lara, that's reeally useful

  3. Primary Sources

    There is nothing quite like reading primary sources and you don’t even have to go to the British Library or National Archives to read historical documents, you can read them from the comfort of your favourite armchair for free...


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