Wednesday, November 21, 2007

Question from Anna C. - What would the Tudors think of our portrayals of them?

I just have kind of a fun question to ask-opinion wise-do you think Henry VIII and Anne Boleyn would be pleased with any of their portrayals in books and movies? For example, do you think they'd be historically flattered or horrified at the way they are being shown in "The Other Boleyn Girl"?


  1. Great question!

    I don't know... Henry VIII seems the type to either sue for libel/slander or demand a cut of the royalties. :)

  2. I think it's a pretty safe assumption to say that Anne would be DISTINCTLY less than impressed at the presentation of herself as offered in "The Other Boleyn Girl." I like to think she would wage social warfare on Philippa Gregory and demand that Mary Boleyn issue a statement denying that any of the events, as described in the novel, bear any relation to fact.

    I also don't think Henry would particularly like the presentation of himself as a lovestruck and credulous pawn between two women.

  3. I think Henry viii and Anne B. would hate that we show their faults -- I am sure they both had to have had the most enormous egos!

    At the same time it would probably be quite a boost to those egos that we are all so fascinated by them 500 years later!


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