Thursday, February 15, 2007

Question from Sophia - Henry's wives

why did henry VIII have 6 wives?


  1. Read "The Six Wives of Henry VIII" by Alison Weir for an easily understood explanation.

  2. Henry VIII's first wife only gave him a daughter (it was preferred to have a male heir). When she became too old to have any more children, Henry divorced her to marry another woman. She also gave birth to a daughter. The second wife was beheaded on (probably false) charges of adultery. His third wife died twelve days after giving birth to a son. Henry did not like his fourth wife at all, so he divorced her. His fifth wife committed adultery and was beheaded. He died while married to his sixth wife.

  3. I will explain to you why king henry v111 had six wives.
    He married six times because he liked to be loved and in love.
    He fell in love easily that is the main reason apart from the fact He wanted a son which his first two wives could not give him.

  4. his fisrt wive gave no sons, nor did the second one . the third had a son then died . the fourth gave no sons , nor did the fith . the sixth gave no sons but stayed

  5. Henry had 6 wives because he wanted to have a male heir. He did not prodict that he was going to marry so many times it just happened. He was perfectly happy with his first wife but after about 6 pregnancies and only 1 child being born (a girl). He discessed that he would find away to remarry some one else. But no good came from that because she to had only given him 1 surviving child being a female too. So he beheaded her and remarry again. Now this woman only was pergnant once and it was good enough to give him a male. But sortly after giving birth to his son she died.His last three marrages went by fast and the reason being that his only son was a sick boy. and was known to have been sick most of the time. So his father was trying to have another son through all those other marrages but failing and soon after his death his only son had died. At the age of only 15. Leaving the thron to the daughters Mary, then soon after Elizabeth 1.


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