Sunday, November 26, 2006

Question from Moira - Burial place of John Dudley

In her book 'Elizabeth and Leicester', Elizabeth Jenkins states that the body of John Dudley, Duke of Northumberland, was buried some while after his execution in the Beauchamp Chapel in St Mary's Church Warwick. I have visited the Beauchamp Chapel on several occasions, and, as far as I am aware, the only tombs there are those of Robert Dudley, Lettice Knollys, Robert Dudley (the 'noble impe'), Ambrose Dudley and Richard de Beauchamp. I had thought that John Dudley was buried in St Peter Ad Vincula at the Tower of London. Can anyone enlighten me?


  1. According to Professor David Loades, the pre-eminent expert on mid-Tudor history and author of a biography of John Dudley, he was buried in the Chapel of St Peter-ad-Vincula within the Tower. And while it is possible that he was later exhumed and removed to Warwick, that seems unlikely. The Chapel is (I believe) a Royal Peculiar, so that exhumation would have required the specific consent of the monarch. Dudley's remains are probably somewhere beneath the chapel floor, assuming they were not indiscriminately removed or destroyed in the remodeling of the chapel in the 1870s.

  2. I have just come back from Dudley castle and why i was there i asked the Gide how was telling us all the history of the castle, and about john Dudley himself, that john Dudley is buried only four mile away in a place called Himley Hall,
    The fall address is below, hope it help you
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