Saturday, October 14, 2006

Question from Star - Amy Robsart picture

Does anyone know where I could find a picture of Amy Robsart Dudley? I think found one on the website ( but the picture doesn't look accurate.

Thanks for your help!


  1. I've actually done some prior work in the area of portraiture of Dudley women in the sixteenth century, and I did not find any reference to an authentic portrait of Amy Robsart Dudley. I just checked the online art bibliography WilsonWeb, and it indicates that every published article about a portrait of Amy Robsart refers to a modern fictionalized portrait, most dating from the early-nineteenth century. The image you found is certainly a nineteenth-century one, based on the hairstyle. I doubt that any portrait of Amy Robsart survives, assuming one was painted during her life in the first place.

  2. Just found this site. An aged Aunt has just passed and my cousin inherited a picture which is described as that of Amy Robsart. It is a print, but very faintly there is the artist's name which appears to be Teschendorff. However I do not find a reference to him on any Internet search. I can send you a picture if you wish.
    Bryan Hubbard. email

  3. I also have an old Teschendorff print which I've only recently been able to identify as a supposed "portrait" of Amy Robsart. I have searched in vain for additional information. Would love to know if/when Teschendorff painted this and why it was thought to be of Amy Robsart. Any information appreciated.
    Linda Milgrom


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