Tuesday, August 08, 2006

Question from Mell - Dates of Katherine Parr's regency

I would be grateful if you could tell me the precise dates of Catheryn Parr's regency in the mid 1540's. I am doing a Masters Degree and my dissertation is on Levina Teerlinc. the actual dates are vital as it may prove that she was recruited by Catheryn and not Henry VIII, which all the art historians suggest.
i cannot find these anywhere! gratefully yours



  1. Hi Mell

    In Chapter 77 of his Six Wives of Henry VIII David Starkey gives details of Kathryn's regency which lasted from 11 July to 30 September 1544. Hope this helps.


  2. Hi, Mell - Alison Weir, in her "Henry VIII: The King and His Court" (2001) claims that Henry appointed her Regent of England on July 7,1544, the same date he settled the manors of Hanworth, Chelsea and Mortlake on her. She lists her source as the L&P, so I can't be more helpful than this, but it's a start. Regards, Lisa Stephens (author of the forthcoming "The Oxford Conspiracy")

    (posted by Lara for Lisa)


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