Wednesday, April 26, 2006

Question from Amanda - Primary sources for Tudor women's education

Hi, I am doing a big internal on the effects of women in Tudor England(from the reformation, the limits of their education and the changes in marriage and freedom of lack of choice in marriage between the classes) and I am having a alot of trouble finding any diary entries of women or pictures of girls learning as I need more primary evidence to support my questions. Any help would be really appreciated. Thanks :)

I am doing NCEA Level 3 (New Zealand National Certificate of Educational Achievement). I'm not sure about my 'grade' but I am in year 13 or Form 7.

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  1. Well, I don't know about several sources, but I do know that there are books completely dedicated to the writings of Lady Jane Grey and the context in which they were written. I'm not quite sure if your looking for an article or a book, though. I've found that primary sources like diaries and letters can be found, but you might have to sift through a larger article or a book. Hint: If you are looking for some books, try an online bookstore (many have large selections of books pertaining to Tudor women)


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