Friday, March 31, 2006

Question from Sara - Henry Fitzroy's appearance

Do you know what Henry Fitzroy looked like? I especially would like to know hair color, but anything is good. Thanks!


  1. There is a Holbein miniature of Fitzroy. If you just search on "Henry Fitzroy" at you'll find it. It's the round miniature that will come up in the hits.

    I'll eventually get my scan of it back up on the site someday. It's kind of a long story why I don't have it up right now, but I won't go into all that here and bore everyone!

  2. Fitzroy is wearing some sort of headwrap that obscures his hair, but it seems to be a fairly informal sort of portrait. There's another sketch of Anne Boleyn, supposedly by Holbein, that also obscures her hair -- not in the normal way headdress way, more in a towel kind of way; she seems also to have been in deshabille, and somebody confirmed recently it was her, and that it could only be her because only she would be daring enough to appear in her nightgown when she's pregnant (or words to that effect).

    So I realize that this post is old, and few will respond, but does anyone know if the relative "relaxed-wear" of these two portraits, Fitzroy and Anne, are related?


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