Wednesday, February 01, 2006

Question from Stephanie on Elizabeth I

I love Elizabeth I and how she is an icon to us today and to look back onto the past at How they lived back then. Elizabeth I is a role model to me and to other Tudor fans out there I am sure she is to. I also love the other tudor rulers of that time period. Do you believe Elizabth I became pregnant during her teenage years or during her sister regime or her own regime?


  1. This is a subject that I've seen argued until everyone is blue in the face and short of temper (which I hope won't happen in this comment thread).

    My belief, in a word, is No. Not only do I believe that she was never pregnant, I take Elizabeth at her word that she was a virgin.

  2. I agree with Lara. I also take Elizabeth at her word for more than one reason. She saw the ramifications of those who became pregnant out of wedlock and I believed that she was too disciplined to take such a foolish risk. There was also a difficulty of opportunity. Even Thomas Seymour's outrageous behavior toward her was witnessed by more than one member of the household.

  3. I don't think she was pregnant, because she had seen enough of how love can get you into trouble, with her mother and Katherine Howard getting executed by their husbands, and that whole thing with Thomas Seymour that almost got Elizabeth into really bad trouble.
    Elizabeth definately wasn't stupid, she had one of the greatest minds ever, and she did things that she sometimes may not have wanted to do, but were the right thing. I don't think she would have done something that would put her throne in jeopardy.

  4. Children really weren't children for very long. boys were usually married before 20 and girls before 15. They usually worked unless they were royalty and even then they had to work.

  5. Sorry I thought I was posting another oine

  6. Given the dangers of carrying and bearing a child, it would have been in her best interest for herself and the country to refrain from any activity that could get her pregnant. She was a responsible ruler, and since birth control didn't quite exist yet...


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