Saturday, February 18, 2006

Question from Kylie - Anne Boleyn, Henry VIII and Witchcraft

I am 12 in 7th grade and doing a report on Henry VIII.
My question is:
Did Henry VIII beleive that Anne Bolyn had "be-witched" him since everyone else seemed to believe she had been a witch?


  1. Did Henry REALLY believe that Anne was a witch? I doubt it. But it sure helped settle his concious when it came time to get rid of wife number two. It saved his ego to think that his treatment of Anne had nothing to do with him, personally that is.

    The courtiers around him...did they believe Anne was a witch? If Henry did they.

  2. I don't think he did he just needed an excuse to divorce her.

  3. i think henry the eighth just thought that if he tells she is a witch he can get rid of her.he said she had warts and a extra finger and thats probabaly a excuse aswell.

  4. I dont really think he did- it was just a silly excuse :(

    from sophie -- aka history freak --


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