Monday, November 14, 2016

Question from Stacey - Lady Catherine Huntley

What happened to Lady Catherine Huntley after Perkin Warbeck's execution?

Tuesday, November 08, 2016

Question from David - Elizabeth I and cataracts

Last year I visited a small museum in Italy in an Abbey near the town of Preci. In Tudor times that region had a reputation for skilled eye surgeons and it was said that one operated on Queen Elizabeth 1 of England, as evidence of this fame. This intrigued me. I have done some searches and some Italian references suggest that either Durante or Cesare Scacchi operated on the queen to "remove" cataracts in 1588, with some secrecy as Durante was a surgeon to the Pope.
Searching on line I can't find any references to Elizabeth having cataracts, although she was said to be short-sighted and have various ailments, and any ill-health was not made public.
Does anyone have any useful references that would support the claims from Italy?
The museum may well have been damaged by recent earthquakes.