Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Question from Carole - Info and sources on Anne Bourchier

I am an amateur at genealogy and am in the process of learning how difficult it can be to get at the correct information for my family tree.

My questions are:

1.Where can I find information and sources for Anne Bourchier (b abt 1520 who married William Parr, Marquis of Northampton b. abt 1513) specific to her affair with a person by the name of John Lyngfield, AKA John Hunt, AKA John Huntley? He was supposedly Prior of St. James Church, Tanbridge, Surry.

2.Also her supposed marriage to a John York or John of York.

3.I would also be interested in knowing if her children retained the Parr surname.

Thank you in advance for your input.

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Question from Mary R - Feasts and Saints' Days after the Reformation

My question is about medieval feast days and Saint's days (there seem to have been rather a lot of them:) Which were still observed after the Reformation?

Wednesday, November 09, 2011

Six years!

I just wanted to mark the occasion of this blog reaching six years of existence! [Yeah, I'm trying to find new and more creative ways of saying the same thing every year.] I know I say it frequently - but perhaps still not enough - a big thank you to everyone who comments and sends in questions. Without you all I would be buried under even more email than I already am!

Question from Maggie - Jacquetta of Luxembourg

I am a woman how happens to be a amatur historina and i like to know things so i was wondeing why there is no entry anywhere for Jacquetta of Luxembourg who happens to be the mother of Elizabeth Wooodville grandmother to Elizabeth of york

Monday, November 07, 2011

Question from Mary R - Thomas Boleyn and Anne and George's trials

Did Thomas Boleyn actually sit in judgment of his own children (Anne & George's [supposed] incestuous affair) and find them guilty? I have read in a couple of novels that he did, but is there any documentation to support this?

Thursday, November 03, 2011

Question from Liz - Dowager Princess of Wales document

First, I'd like to thank you for having such a great website! Anyway, my question is regarding something I read in Alison Weir's "The Six Wives of Henry VIII". She mentions that Catherine of Aragon was given some type of letter stating that she was now to be called the Dowager Princess and that Catherine scribbled it out and yelled that she was the queen and would continue to call herself queen. Weir says that letter (or whatever it was) still exists today but I can't find it. Have you heard of it? Thanks so much

Tuesday, November 01, 2011

Question from Becky - Henry VIII's 1541 progress to York


I am trying to develop some learning resources and wondered if I can beg help (please).

I am trying to find out where Henry VIII stopped overnight on his progress to York in 1541? A book reference I can get would be brilliant. I have looked on line but I am getting no where fast.

Thanks in advance

Question from Marty - Yeoman of the Queen's Chamber in Elizabeth's reign

What were the duties and wages of a "Yeoman of the Queen's Chamber" in the earlier years of Elizabeth? How were they selected and appointed?