Saturday, December 03, 2016

Question from Tonya - Margaret Tudor

I'm the 15th great granddaughter of Margaret Tudor Queen of Scotland and located in Tennessee, USA. I'm curious about information in regards to her as I have not been able to find much and also would love to hear about others that fit into my family through Margaret or Mary of Scots.


allthingsrobertdudley said...

There are a number of biographies of Margaret.
Patricia Buchanan: "Margaret Tudor - Queen of Scots" (1980s)
Maria Perry: "The Sisters of Henry VIII" (1990s)
and I've seen a new one but cannot remember the author's name, sorry: "Queen Margaret Tudor"

Anonymous said...

I just saw on B & N that Alison Weir has book on Queen Margaret as well that is more recent. I haven't read it however.

Anonymous said...

FWIW, Alison Weir's book isn't on Henry VIII's sister Margaret, but about her daughter, Lady Margaret Douglas.