Monday, July 20, 2015

Question from Myreen - Marshall Tunstall

I am seeking information on Marshall Tunstall, a descendant of Edward I, and some archbishops and Nevilles, related to most of the crowns of England and Europe, and direct thru his father from Brian the Shining Knight. He was in Virginia during the 1670s and died in the late 1690s. He intermarried with the Barons of de la Warre, who are direct descendents of Mary Boleyn. Also, seeking information on the Quarles of Virginia.

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Anonymous said...

I think people will struggle to answer this, as the Tudor period ended in 1603. I don't know if there are sites on the 17th century which may be able to help you. The only Tunstall I could think of at all was Cuthbert, and he died more than a century before the time you're looking at and had no children, so wouldn't be a direct ancestor either. If you know where he is from, may be able to help you, some parish records do go back that far. Sorry I can't be of any help.